Saturday, October 10, 2009

Menjala near krubong river dam

The next day on 4th hariraya, wai and me went to the river again. Only this time we brought together our jala or the fishing net. The water level is not very deep accept near the water gate.

After a couple of throws, wai started to catch fresh water shrimp and petutu. Later on i catch 2 red tilapia which caught me by surprise because, all this while i had never caught any red, only dark tilapia.

The nylon in my net was koind of old and it disintegrated everytiime i hold it tight in my hand. After almost an hour we caught enough for meal for our entire family.

Wai was funny, everytime the jala was caught between the rock in the river, he will dive and call for the legend's saying" batu belah batu tertangkup". That accelerated my way back as i started to imagine of the crocodiles that used to roam in krubong river.

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