Sunday, September 27, 2009

Krubong Water Dam 3rd Raya 2009

It has been a long time since I fished in the dam. My bro acip, had just bought a fish trap made of nylon but he had yet to try it out since he is going to Masai to visit the inlaws.

The water was a bit murky. My 2 sons and 3 other cousins were following in dak wai's Kembara. I swam in the dam and set up the trap using a bamboo pole and a noni's branch. The bait used was bits of belacan shoved in an old sock. Perfect for petutu or udang.

While waiting for wai to menjala, the boys were swimming and diving for big kepah. They caught like 20 kepah. That night they had kepah for dinner. That was the first time.

The next morning, After offering the Suboh prayer, Wai finally arrived for inviting me to take a look at the trap. I learnt something today. I caught nothing except for a few small prawns. The trap had gone upside down due to strong underwater current.

When he came back, dak din told me that the trap should be set perpendicular instead of parallel to the banks. For sure I will try that again when I came back to krubong.

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