Sunday, October 11, 2009

Iowa State University Fishing experience

I arrived in Iowa State University in1990 to study engineering. Not long after Jai, maman, bob, and bro duan and I managed to get a place to stay at 2017 sunset Drive , Ames, our seniors had invited us for a fishing trip.

We were taken to a nice dam in Boone to fish for catfish and carp. The bait we were using were raw corn for carp and night crawler for catfish.

Then something funny happenned. An officer from the state ranger approached bob and asked for fishing license. Barely speaking a word of english , bob handed him his passport. The officer looked so confused that he finally asked us to get a license. We were even more confused because never could we imagine that fishing would require a license like driving.

That day we caught few big catfish and carps. The nice fall weather was hard to tell but certainly one of the unforgettable experience of our life times.

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