Friday, April 25, 2014

Lukah-at krubong

Lukah is a traditional fish trap that is used by the malay to catch fish mainly in the small stream in the swampy wood. mainly made of bamboo blades that are tied in orderly manner around a wooden/rattan ring. The blades are fixed by using rattan skin. a conical section act as a one way entrance is fixxed at one end to trap fish, eels. The coomon fresh water fish such as lembat, puyu, sepat or haruan are common catches. When I was little, The swampy land near krubong river was the place my late grand pa will bring me to trap. In a day we will take out 10-15 kilos of lembat and belut from the gelam swamp. I will share you more on my exciting traditional fishing later.

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